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Ten years ago, TV commercials were all about food, cars and deodorant. Now you can’t get through an episode of MasterChef without seeing at least one ad for a mobile phone and more recently, a tablet.

As connected devices become more popular and accessible, what will become of our old friend the desktop computer? For the June edition of the Millennial Media Mobile Mix, tablet owners were asked to quantify the shifts in their digital behavior and here’s what they got:

The numbers aren’t huge, but given that tablets are only just becoming something an average person would own, it’s a hefty shift.

What does this mean for marketers? As we say with mobile, it’s not enough to simply push your web content to the tablet. How is it different? BigThink talks about it as falling in between “lean forward” content and “lean back” content. For example, if you’re reading this on a PC, what’s your body posture like? Hopefully, you’re leaning forward to read, which signals that you’re thoroughly engaged. Whereas engagement with the TV is “lean back” mode. The tablet — somewhere in between.

Tablets are on the rise, so it’s time to start retraining our brains to think about marketing outside of the hardwired box that is your computer.