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Today we’re crossing the border into the lovely country of Canada. Newad conducted a survey of 2943 Canadians age 18-to-34 with the goal of finding out about social, web and mobile usage. Here’s what they found out.

“Nearly one month a year spent on social networks… But not on Foursquare.”

88% of the survey group had a Facebook account which was 19% higher than the general Canadian population. They spend most of their time Like-ing, commenting and sharing photos, videos and other content. 56% follow at least one brand, with Nike, Coke and Apple listed as some of their favorites.

(light blue is Young & Affluent, darker line is 18-49)

27% have Twitter accounts which is 80% more than the general populace and a higher percentage (47% vs 37%) follow at least one brand. A quarter of the group says they microblog every day.

Only 3% are using Foursquare, but I have to wonder if that’s due to an outside factor such as lack of businesses on the service in Canada.

Overall, Newad figures that the average 18-34 year-old Canadian spends the equivalent of 29.9 days per year on social media, which is approximately 8.2% of their life. At least we know it’s time well spent, right?

Maximized Mobility

43% of the survey group has a smartphone which is 79% higher than the average for all adults. They use text messaging as often as they use the phone to make calls and that equals out to an average of 23 texts a day.

One surprising fact? 21% have both a cell phone and a smartphone. One number for their parents and bosses and one for their friends? Unlike the game playing survey group from earlier this week, only 16% of these young Canadians have paid to download an app while 44% have downloaded a freebie.

Want to know more about those young and affluent Canadians? Visit Newad and download the free report.

  • I’m scared to find out the actual time acumulated that I spend online per year. I feel like it’s near an embarassing high figure.lols

  • I think Americans are heading for a huge social crash in our minds because of the time we spend? We must spend a gazillion hours.

  • Preach

    … what kind of survey is that?
    18-34 is considered young? i was expecting something more granular. 18-25 maybe, thats over a decade differences.
    Why is everything done for Canada done with no effort?