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Some feel it’s a fake while others not so much. According to the video below the hacktivist group Anonymous is targeting one of the big boys on the Internet, Facebook, and they have set a date of November 5, 2011 for this to happen. With the way things are going in the world right now why not? You make the call. If you would rather read the message you can go to the end of this post to do so.

Thanks to the Business Insider and the Village Voice for bringing this to our attention via Techmeme.

Operation Facebook

DATE: November 5, 2011.


Twitter :
Irc.Anonops.Li #OpFaceBook

Attention citizens of the world,

We wish to get your attention, hoping you heed the warnings as follows:
Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed. If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill facebook for the sake of your own privacy.

Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world. Some of these so-called whitehat infosec firms are working for authoritarian governments, such as those of Egypt and Syria.

Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your “privacy” settings, and deleting your account is impossible, even if you “delete” your account, all your personal info stays on Facebook and can be recovered at any time. Changing the privacy settings to make your Facebook account more “private” is also a delusion. Facebook knows more about you than your family.….

You cannot hide from the reality in which you, the people of the internet, live in. Facebook is the opposite of the Antisec cause. You are not safe from them nor from any government. One day you will look back on this and realise what we have done here is right, you will thank the rulers of the internet, we are not harming you but saving you.

The riots are underway. It is not a battle over the future of privacy and publicity. It is a battle for choice and informed consent. It’s unfolding because people are being raped, tickled, molested, and confused into doing things where they don’t understand the consequences. Facebook keeps saying that it gives users choices, but that is completely false. It gives users the illusion of and hides the details away from them “for their own good” while they then make millions off of you. When a service is “free,” it really means they’re making money off of you and your information.

Think for a while and prepare for a day that will go down in history. November 5 2011, #opfacebook . Engaged.

This is our world now. We exist without nationality, without religious bias. We have the right to not be surveilled, not be stalked, and not be used for profit. We have the right to not live as slaves.

We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

So what’s your take?

  • santa

    Seriously? Anonymous members need to get lives. And experience members of the opposite gender. taking down facebook will only confirm how dumb these people are. If this problem really annoys facebook users, let us fight our own battles. The media needs to stop giving these little kids the attention they’re striving so hard to get. Then maybe they’ll actually do something good in the world.

    • Jackthehack

      We have a life, all of us! we are being cheated and sold every day look at you spyware count! how many virus threats do you see run through you AV, barely any of them are tojens the only really useful hacker virus, the rest are come from where?

      We the people are the threat to the internet we feed the their bs spyware, This is the best idea i seen in years the gunpowder treason is a perfect day to take a stand because we will fail, we will get caught! But our numbers grow every day! For one of us caught 20 more are willing to take our place! They may control the internet, but majority rules!

      I say take up arms, google “hack tools”! And get ready.
      Jack The Hack
      Not Anonomos affiliitaed!

  • The last time someone tried to take down an establishment on November 5th, it didn’t go too well. 😉

    • Hence the wondering whether this is the real but it’s certainly interesting to consider. I wonder what goes through Markie Z’s head when this stuff comes down the pike?

  • Ashley

    If these group of hackers called “anonymous” can hack into the pentagon, the playstation network, police stations, etc they can easily hack into Facebook. Do some research just saying.

    • @Ashley – Do some research? Really?

  • Acwall

    Ok, so big companies are taking advantage of the smaller guy, what else is new. Anonymous say they do this for the people, but what happens, we get screwed by both sides. Take playstation for example: They hacked it, stole information, and put it down for a month. Do you really think that the consumer was happy about that, no. They do this for attention, that is all. I feel they are trying to compensate for “something.” All they are is a nuisance that believes in anarchy. True, I don’t like companies that sell our information, but they just about all do. We were getting crappy credit card stuff way before Facebook. It is not just Facebook, it is the post office, your internet service provider, and so many more. So if you don’t want your information sold, cancel your internet and move to Antarctica.