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HousingZone, an online portal for builders, contractors and remodelers, is getting into the deal business with the help of

Bizy is Groupon for small business with daily discounts on items such as job ads on LinkedIn, social media marketing services and a virtual receptionist. In October, they’ll be launching their first industry specific B2B deal site at

The new deal site will include discounts on building materials such as roofing supplies, plumping, lighting and doors. (Can’t have a building without doors!)

Tony Mancini, Group Director-Principal for HousingZone parent SGC Horizon said in a press release,

“The timing of HousingZone Deals couldn’t be better, as residential construction and remodeling have been hard hit by the recession. Powered by Bizy, HousingZone Deals will help builders and remodelers improve their bottom lines with heavily discounted goods and services while providing manufacturers with a powerful new channel to promote their products to a large and very targeted audience.”

I know the construction market is tough and I’m all for any option that helps small businesses stay in business but half price smoke alarms and Buy 1 Get 1 water heaters? Does the idea of cut-rate construction supplies scare anyone else?

Daily deal sites work because they’re a forced impulse buy. They tell you how everyone else is doing it and you have a limited time to either join the crowd or be an outcast. There are large numbers of people who have bought deals only to realize later that they didn’t really want the item, they simply hit “buy” because the marketing pitch hit them just right.

Is that how a contractor should be buying his building supplies? What’s next? Daily Deals for Doctors?

I supposed I’m being naive. I’m sure suppliers routinely offer discounts to builders in order to get them to try new products or remain loyal. The difference is, I didn’t know about it, now I’m going to wonder every time I walk into a new building.

  • Robert Rosemberg

    Sign me up.

  • Paul

    Keep a look out for – Launching world wide very soon! – Lowest commisions on the market, plus a fully automated DIY platform allowing businesses to sell as many offers as they like, whenever they like, for as long as they like – Plus WOO! has an electronic redemption tracking system preventing fraudulent use of offer vouchers… This new website is going to keep the big boys honest!

  • Great Idea! We run a Deal Aggregator and I think this concept will be well received!