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No matter how you slice it one trillion is a big number. It’s one of those milestone numbers (unless you are talking about the US debt which left little ol’ one trillion in the dust long ago) that makes people stand up and notice.

Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner shows that Facebook hit this number in June of this year. Since the chart is in rank order of unique visitors so Facebook sits atop that category comfortably as well.

ReadWriteWeb tells us a bit more

According to this data, the site gets nearly 1,150 pageviews per visitor. That’s an extremely sticky website. Yet it comes as little surprise considering how much time many users spend on Facebook doing things like clicking through photo galleries (each photo counts as a pageview), playing games like FarmVille and viewing other people’s profiles.

The data released by DoubleClick does not include adult websites, ad networks and certain sites owned by Google.

This is one of those ‘do with it as you will’ stats in that it is impressive for sure but almost becomes a bit too big to manage. After all, you don’t expect to get in front of everyone on Facebook as a marketer, just those that would have an interest in your product.

In the end though the number is impressive and Facebook has certainly set a very high bar for challengers like to Google+ to live up to.

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  • For facebook:
    100,000 pages of Lady Gaga.
    99,000 pages of Eminem.
    88,000 pages of Justin Bieber lovers and haters.

    briefly, 70% of Facebook’s pages are spam -.-“.