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Facebook has teamed up with ticket industry monopolist wannabe Ticketmaster to help event attendees learn where their friends or other people of interest may be sitting for an event. The interactive map using Facebook friends as the way to see who’s sitting where (of course, if you are using Ticketmaster you probably aren’t one of the cool kids who get the good seats through other channels) was introduced this week. Notice the emphasis placed on privacy concerns in the Ticketmaster video.

Admittedly, this is pretty nifty although I would likely never use it. I can, however, see where the right kind of person could find this a neat tool. As for its actual use? The article from Digital Trends sums it up pretty well.

As we see it, this feature has one — and only one — genuinely valuable function: It makes it easier for groups of friends to buy tickets independently and still make sure they will be sitting near each other. No question, that’s a useful feature. What it will likely not do — as much as poor Ticketmaster wishes it would — is make people buy more tickets simply because someone who they vaguely know on Facebook is also attending an event.

So is this something you would find useful? How would it help you when you are looking to get tickets for a concert or event?

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