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Zippy, the Zip Code Man has been helping the post office route letters since the 1960’s and now Facebook has joined the party. As of yesterday, advertisers on Facebook can now chose to target their ads by state, city or zip code.

It may seem like city goes hand-in-hand with zip, but for a local business on a budget, it can make a big difference. Take a large city such as Los Angeles. People from one side of the city, aren’t going to sit in forty minutes of traffic to get to a coffee shop when they can find ten within ten minutes. With Facebook’s new zip option, that coffee shop owner can chose only those zip codes within a few mile radius of his shop. Or even within a half-circle if the radius includes the bad part of town.

In other news, Amazon is now using its considerable database to help target advertising all over the web. According to AdAge, Amazon quietly slipping into the ad market at the end of June but with the proper management, could become a major force in that area.

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The plan is to sift all of the data from the site and dump it into buckets based on product selections. That data will then be sold to an ad exchange network where it will be matched up with advertisers and finally delivered to the consumer in the form of a targeted ad.

As I read the article, Amazon isn’t building their own ad network (yet). Right now, it’s about packaging and selling the data they do have, which is no small feat.

Maybe Amazon should hire Zippy to help them out when he finishes his shift at Facebook. Seeing as how fewer people are mailing letters these days, he should have plenty of time to spare.

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