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In the Internet world launched is a relative term since most launches are done piecemeal and often further off in the future than you might suspect given the hype afforded most of these upgrades.

Foursquare’s new offering around events is no different in that it is only coming to the iPhone initially but don’t fret, they promise it will arrive on other platforms (they just don’t say when).

So what is this? It’s pretty simple. Foursquare has seen how people gum up the works by creating a variety of check in options around live events so they are simply going to control that process. Here’s a look screens for a sporting event and concert.

Foursquare will be partnering with some big partners to supply event information for sports event, movies and concerts. Here is a description of each partnership from the Foursquare blog

ESPN is not only providing us with event details, but also information about the game. Tap on the event and see info, like, from a recent game: “Did you know CC Sabathia is 5-0 against the Orioles this season, but the Orioles are on a 9 game winning streak. Something has to break.” For more info on how this works, check out ESPN’s announcement. adds another cool dimension – see not only showtimes, but help decide what you want to see with summaries and links to more info.

In addition to giving us concert details, Songkick is launching a competition to win a year’s worth of free concert tickets to celebrate the launch of our partnership with them! Check out this page for more details.

It’s an added dimension to checking in for sure. It’s actually a better way to check in overall when the sharing of the event is the focus rather than the simple fact that you have graced a building with your presence. Of course, it’s more information about your activities that is being gathered and used by a third party to find out what makes you tick so advertisers can offer you something. You know it’s going there, right? Here’s a look at how you will be able to check in at a movie theater and tell people just what movie you are watching and who has done the same.

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So here’s to giving even more information about your likes or dislikes etc to marketers. It makes marketers very happy so share away!