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Normally, it wouldn’t be right to say that something done in the Internet marketing and social media world is just a tiny step. Heck that reeks of understatement and maybe even, gulp, the truth.

Well, yesterday Mark Streibeck whose Google Profile gives an indication what his days might be like at Google.

I am managing Gmail frontend development. Which is complex and interesting enough. But with the launch of Google+ it got so much more interesting.

announced that you can now see recent Google+ posts from a Gmail user. Over at Google+ he reported

A first, tiny step: view recent Google+ posts in the Gmail people widget!

You can now see the most recent Google+ post that the sender of the email shared with you in the Gmail people widget – see screenshot below.

BTW: +Bella Kazwell is a tech lead on the Gmail team and +Steven Bills is the engineer who implemented this particular feature. Oh, and before you ask, ‘unicorn’ is what we nicknamed our internal Gmail test environment. I.e. the Google+ post here from Bella is pretty much the first one that was ever served from Gmail!

Again, this is just the first launch – look out for more!

Here is what it looks like.

Of course this will only get more interesting moving forward and likely a bit more confusing. It’s hard enough rifling through emails without having someone yelling “Post!” to distract you from the task at hand. Maybe that’s just me.

Another question that usually arises here is when this feature will be available in mail through Google Apps which has been getting the redheaded step-child treatment in Google’s social moves thus far despite the wide call for integration of these services.

So Google continues its march toward tying all of its disparate parts together into something that will help us all get better.

What’s your take?

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  • Another neat feature… still waiting for google apps to get integrated… issue still remains… will people be willing to do both facebook/google+ or focus directly on google+?

  • Wonderfull softweare! Thanks for the descriptions.