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I like to share good videos with our readers. Well, this post is a double whammy for ya. You see, I recently read a book by Donald Miller called “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years” (NOT an affiliate link). I think a lot of you would get a lot of value from it for many reasons.

Well, as any good author does, Miller blogs and he posted this great Google+ video from the people at Epipheo Studios. Enjoy.

And, by the way, do you agree with the conclusion?

  • I think I agree with the conclusion.

    Most of us are living in a Google-centric world. And so it becomes easy to see how we would just all gradually migrate into Google+.

    While I love the Circles, I am a little concerned they might be too confusing for the masses. Will my mom be able to figure out Circles? I haven’t asked her yet. Maybe I should see if she has tried using them.

    I feel that Google+ has the potential of changing how we think about communication. It can be used as a blog, the way you currently use Facebook, the way you currently use Twitter, and the way you currently use e-mail. So it is possible for me to imagine that it could sideline virtually every form of communication.

    But, again, the slightest hurdle of technology could cause most people to not mess with it. We’ll just have to see.

  • creepy

    That is a very creepy video. ‘Don’t fight -it-‘. That video is asking us to be sheep.

  • Google definitely has a lot of firepower… the question will be whether or not the masses will want to pick up their stuff and move…. it will be interesting to see how businesses interact with google+…

    if anything, I think twitter has a lot more to lose than facebook early on…

  • Hi Frank, thanx for sharing such a wonderful video with us. Circles,Sparks, Hangouts it sounds really cool and interesting. As explained in the video its circle feature is awe sum as we can categorize the audience, with whom we want to share the content and whom not. Google+ has a potential to be a game changer.