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It really feels like a horse race now. Google has added new functionality that makes sharing links to Google+ faster and more targeted.

With the new third party widget, you can add a comment before posting to Google+ (just like Facebook) but you can also choose which circle of friends will see the post (better than Facebook).

This new functionality gave me a whole new outlook on Gooogle+ and their circle system. Before this, I only saw the circles as a way of categorizing the relationship. People I work with, family members, friends, people I’d like to work with.

Now, I see new possibilities. Movie Fans, TV Fans, Scrapbookers. Having said that, I still don’t like Google+’s search function. Is it me, or is there no way to search for people who have the same interests so I can put them in my interest circles?

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The second functionality is the addition of snippets. This is the mechanism that adds a photo, a link and a description to the share box. It makes for a nicer post when it hits your page and is much more of a conversation starter than a link on its own.

If you’re a publisher, you’ll need to use the markup language in order to make this work, but it’s worth the effort.

I have to say, I’ve hardly touched my Google+ account since I signed up a month ago, but with each new feature, it’s looking better and better. I wonder how long it will be before I become a full Plus convert.