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On July 24, Google+ had 25 million unique visitors making it the fastest growing website ever. As Reuters reports, they’re pulling in an average of one million visitors a day with no end in sight.

Facebook took three years to get to that point, but as Reuters also points out, MySpace took only two years to reach that number and look where they are now. Faster isn’t always better.

What’s interesting about this monumental number is that I don’t see any difference in the site than I did when I joined. Actually, it’s worse. As of today, my entire Google+ stream, all the way to the bottom of the page is nothing but posts from the very informative and fun Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. Yes, he’s a talkative guy, and granted I don’t have a lot of people attached to my account, but I have to go back several weeks to see a range of posts from people.

Am I alone in this?

Google+ is using the power of their name to pull in the visitors but once they get there, how many of them are turning into users, let alone regular users? Personally, I still feel like something is missing. I don’t feel compelled to post there and finding people to follow feels counter intuitive. Usually, I’m a happy and excited early adopter but in this case, it’s just not happening.

On a random note, when I searched “millions of people” in order to find an image for this post. This came up:

Even Google’s image engine believes the hype. Do you?

  • The problem I’m having with Google+ is that I’m expecting it to do more than it does. I want it to function like a better version of iGoogle–I can have a module with my stream, with my Gmail, with Search, Chats, etc…and I don’t have to have 3 tabs of google open to work these things (Gmail, Search, G+) I want Google+ to be my internet command center, a social, web-browsing, e-mail checking dashboard.

    I’m hoping that we see some of this in the future…but for now, because everyone already has facebook, and G+ works just like facebook…I’m stuck in facebook world.

    • Cynthia Boris

      Yes! Of course, that’s totally the issue. Google is all about covering all your needs but I have to go to a dozen places to do it. I need the igoogle feeds and gmail and Google plus updates all in one place.

      Someone else was doing this for awhile. . was it AOL and project phoenix?

  • Wow – Looks like there IS a chance that the +1 button may end up making an impact on search results after all huh!

    Wonderful and Informative article,
    Tyler Abernethy

  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Google+’s rapid growth indicates that some people are in fact looking for an alternative to Facebook, but 25 million is nothing compared to the 750+ million on Facebook. Google has to focus on bringing the average social network user over now.

  • Let’s see what happens when business role out becomes public and they release additional features that integrate more with gmail and google apps.

    The other issue I see is that it is a far better product and there is some effort to set up again, and the average joe may not want to yet make that effort/commitment until they see it continue to build and grow.

  • I agree with you on the fact that something feels like it is missing from Google + right now. Maybe it’s just the users, if I had more connections on their new platform then maybe I would actually post and comment on a daily basis. I also agree with Nick on the fact that some people are sick of Facebook, and are looking to adapt the next “big thing”. Which can very well be Google+, since they have everything else…