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No offense to our readers from the great state of Vermont but if it wasn’t for skiing and syrup many folks don’t think much about the state. That’s not a knock it’s just the truth. (Quick: WIthout looking it up what’s the state capital of Vermont?)

Well, Google once again showed its new found marketing and outreach chops by taking its Get Your Business Online campaign to the Green Mountain State (yes, I had to look that up but I did know the capital without looking it up). Take a look at this local news report about the big search engine hitting the road and helping spread the word about this Internet thingy.

Google started this program in Texas back in July. Going from Texas to Vermont is like taking your message to two different people groups on different ends of planet even though it’s just in the little ol’ US of A.

I have to hand it to Google, they are getting out of the office more and it should pay huge dividends in SMB loyalty moving forward. Thanks to Matt Cutts for passing this along (not like he has a vested interest or anything).

Lastly, note to those who think that Google speaking to the outside world is a monopolistic move and is part of the evil plot to shut everyone out of doing business anywhere unless they check in with Google first: shut up and get to work!

  • Susan Bourne

    No offence taken, Frank — but your readers might also like to know that peace and freedom, community and connection are what really come to mind and heart for many folks whenever they hear Vermont.

    • @Susan – I was hoping that some Vermont fans would come out of the wood work!

      Look, I am from New Jersey and very proud of that fact so if anyone knows how to take a punch about their home state it’s me!

      Thanks for checking in!

    • Jason Farrell

      Mr. Reed,

      I agree with Susan. Vermont is a very unique and special place that evokes much more than skiing and syrup for many.
      Also, how is it that you’re from New Jersey, and you had to look up the capital of Vermont? Wow. Just, wow. I’ve often wondered how it is that Chris Christe was elected Governor of your state, but your post helps me understand how that might have happened. I’d expect, and have experienced, this level of ignorance of the great state of Vermont from people who live on the United State’s west coast, but New Jersey? Come on man…

      If you’re curious about Google’s investment in Vermont, Google the words “Google and Matt Dune”. This may help you understand why it is that Google is choosing to invest in lil’ ole Vermont. By the way, did you know that Montpelier (Vermont’s capital) is the only state capital without a McDonalds in the whole of the U.S.? It’s a little known fact that many of us here in Vermont are quite proud of.

      I encourage you to come experience Vermont some time. I’d be happy to show you that we have a lot more to offer than skiing and syrup.


      Jason Farrell
      Vergennes, Vermont

      • Thanks Jason – I’m always up for accepting an invitation from someone who just called me ignorant! 😉

  • Susan Bourne


  • Jason Farrell

    Mea maxima culpa to Mr. Reed for my misread and snarky comment on this thread earlier. I misread this:

    “(yes, I had to look that up but I did know the capital without looking it up)”.

    and, wrongly assumed that “had to look that up” was referring to the author’s need to look up the capital of Vermont, when he obviously states that he DID know the capital. Sorry!

    I’d still argue that there’s no excuse for Chris Christie and I’d love an opportunity to prove to you that Vermont should be (and is, by many) known for much more than skiing and syrup.


    Jason Farrell
    Vergennes, Vermont

    • Well, now that I live in NC I can keep my distance from NJ politics which are notoriously bad.

      I’ll be sure to look you up if I make my way to Vermont.

      Lastly, skiing and syrup are good things!

      Take care.

    • It looks like both Frank and Google are busy getting the word out on Vermont. I am on the west coast and you are correct, I don’t know much about Vermont. As a youngin’ I lived in Maryland. I do remember the beautiful falls and snow filled winters (which was great fun for kids).

      cd :O)