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There was some serious debate as to whether this particular infographic would see the light of day here at Marketing Pilgrim.

It’s an interesting study on the power of information as a way to promote your business. You see, the infographic is very compelling and the title “Google’s Biggest Gamble” fits well with Google’s apparent roll of the dice in the purchase of Motorola Mobility for $12.5b.

So what’s the downside? The infographic was created by an online casino. To be very clear, we are not promoting or condoning online gambling. The whole industry and its legality is a political hot potato. What is interesting though, is the power of information to promote whatever it is you have to promote.

So check this out but remember that we appreciate the data but are queasy with the source. What’s your take? Can you “pretty up” an otherwise controversial subject by providing a strong presentation of data that many would find interesting?



Voltier Creative

  • Thanks for all the great posts. Love the info graphic it likely tells the future 🙂 Good or bad I wont comment.


  • While I was completely chuckled by the random facts and top searches sections, I’m worried about this Orwellian control of public and private information. I don’t remember where I read this phrase but Google really is a “reality interface” – search results dictating what does and does not exist. With the cyborgization of the human race through portable devices, it makes sense that Google would seize control of the mobile search. With mobile searches being majority local business related, businesses will have to start “paying-to-play” and ad costs will just become another “business cost”.

  • This is the best infographic I’ve seen in a while.

    Why would an online casino be the one to create this, though? The only reason that I can think of is that the casino wants to point out that Google sometimes breaks the law?

  • Kat

    Thanks for sharing the infographic! Do you think the ‘casino’ has biased the data? Or do you think they just have their ad on the end?

  • Wow, to the person who created this.
    Thank you!

    I bet alot of time, money, research and effort is put to creating this!

    I learnt so much about Google today.
    So Motorola is the next bet to see if GOOG can hit all time high.