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We are always interested in opposing views. Last week we posted about how some have found that Twitter may have more bark than bite.

Now a survey conducted by Lab42 and shared over at Mashable paints a a more interactive picture of Twitter users. Granted it’s just 500 users but hey, in this day and age who needs more than a few responses to draw conclusions about what works and what doesn’t? Take a look.

Voltier Creative

  • Interesting. I’m really surprised that only 10% say they use a twitter desktop client I would have expected it to be much higher. Personally I really don’t like using the twitter website and much prefer TweetDeck!

    Nice infographic. 🙂 (I’m victoria_ann on twitter…by the way)

  • The sample size is a little small to draw any sweeping conclusions, but it’s still useful information. As for users using desktop clients, I think you’d find that percentage would grow if you asked more business owners and marketing professionals who use Twitter. The average user I would think sticks to the site and their mobile apps.

  • Very cool infographic!

  • i dont get twitter, its no better than facebook but of course everyone now has one. if anything its worse than facebook considering fb does the same thing plus more,

  • Great infographic! Thanks for sharing this.