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Forget Blogger, LiveJournal even WordPress — Tumblr is the hot new blogging spot and it may be time to add it to your list of social media marketing options.

According to numbers from comScore, this creeping giant grew 218% in the last year, rising from 4.2 million visitors to 13.4. The trouble is, if you’re not a twenty-something female, you’ve probably never heard of the site.

Tumblr is like blogger for those with a short attention span. Though you can leave lengthy text posts, the site is designed to work with smaller bits of information such as photos, videos and quotes.

Like other free blogging hosts, you can choose your theme and run your posts in a typical top to bottom manner. Or you can have your posts form a collage with information spreading out across the page in different sized boxes. Tumblr is a visual medium so it’s not surprising that it attracts an artsy, creative crowd. Fashion, crafts, art and comics are all big topics for the micro-blogging site. You’ll also find a large number of very narrow verticals devoted to topics such as “Animals Talking in All Caps” and “I Hate My Parents” which is full of photos of all those terrible pics we take of our kids.

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Currently, there are a wide variety of companies using Tumblr including IBM, Huggies, Rolling Stone Magazine and The Today Show. Many of the big fashion designers have a Tumblr account as do a variety of trendy magazines. But don’t think you can go into Tumblr with the info you put on your Facebook fan page. Tumblr is a very different animal and it’s not going to work for every brand.

If you’re marketing to the under thirty, creative crowd, this is the place to be. Fair warning though, you’ll need to be as creative and out of the box as your customers if you expect them to follow and “reblog” your posts. Think visual. Think quick. Think eye-catching. If your product can fit into that mold, then Tumblr should be your next social media marketing channel.

  • Yeah, it’s definitely not a social marketing technique for everyone. The key to reaching lots of reblogs and likes is mostly wit and flash. Something cutesy and engaging. Otherwise, you’ll probably achieve a Tumblr fail.

  • The typical tumblr is just “blogging” for lazy people, basically a huge image recycling factory. I haven’t seen much “wit” or “creativity” either, unless re-posting a picture someone else posted or created is suppose to be creative.

    Can’t wait till the inevitable next best thing.

  • ^That’s if you are consuming Tumblr updates, if you look at most blogs they are just junk too, with a few providing really good content.

    Same with Tumblr, the point of this article is that it could be beneficial to be marketing your brand on Tumblr, it has nothing to do with the average quality of each blog.