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I get that finding out that you may not be making at much at your job as others is not the best way to kick off a Monday morning at work but at least you have a job, right? And for those of you looking there is hope out there but would running off to Silicon Valley to chase a “dream job” be worth the effort?

This infographic created by Focus and shared by SAI gives some insight into the harsh realities of how that Silicon Valley salary matches up to other areas of the country. If for nothing else, take a look at the rent and home price comparison to make you kiss the ground you are working on (at least for today). Note: We put a little extra focus on the marketing money for you to see right away.

Voltier Creative

  • I left the valley after 10 years and went to Lexington KY (a liberal, intellectual oasis of ~500k in metro area, a large university and growing tech scene) It was a substantial quality of life upgrade with only a small, temporary dip in salary for my wife and I (I work in SEM as a consultant, she’s a software manager.) Lexington has 90% of the city-amenities that Santa Clara did, and Cincy and Louisville are both less than an hour and half away with far, far less traffic. Sure, the ocean is nice… SF is nice… but how often do burnout engineers visit those things?

    Not every destination city makes sense.. but cities like Lexington, Madison, and Omaha offer a lot of opportunity for the talented techie. In fact, companies in these cities are desperate to recruit strong talent with a plan to stay a while. The downside is for companies looking for VC money. Many small cities’ VC community are not used to tech investing and this can work against you. Use LinkedIn to hook up with people and talk about the area before hand.

  • I may not be a VC, but I would have a hard time investing in an an online marketing company (which could be located anywhere in the nation where talent is available) in one of the most expensive and competitive locations in the country.

    Also, you might get a lot more traction off of this if the text was actually readable. Even after looking at the larger version, I had to really strain to read the smaller text.