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Google has turned another experiment into a full tie feature this time in their Maps environment and much to the chagrin of URL shortening services it cuts into their business much like Twitter’s shortener announcement did recently.

Now if you have a link in Google Maps that you want to share or whatever you can shorten it within maps without having any add-ons to get you there. Here is a picture of the newly full-time option as incorporated in Google Maps (this comes from the Google LatLong blog).

What this really means is that Google is making sure that they get the attribution credit for traffic coming from maps through ‘standardizing’ this feature. It has worked well for Titter thus far so why not in this instance. Also, when it comes to mobile, less is more. The blog tells us

All shortened URLs generated by Google Maps take advantage of Google’s recently announced shortening service. We only use to send you to Google web pages, and only Google Maps can generate a URL. This means that you can visit a shortcut with confidence, and always know you will end up on a Google Maps page.

The confidence in the link is important but masks the more important reason for Google to do this which is control. As Google Maps continues to grow in stature and as Google+ integration looms somewhere in the future this type of action is likely to be commonplace with Google in other services as well.

With each move Google makes on each platform it has it is becoming clearer and clearer that Google is heading toward a more unified and integrated service offering that ultimately could be the most far reaching that exists on the Internet today. I am not going to go so far as saying it will be the best offering but it has the potential to be the broadest offering available to consumers by far.

Now, if only those pesky regulators would turn their heads for a minute and not think about what this may mean for the people they think are too stupid to decide for themselves (in case you are missing it, that would be people like you and me).

Your thoughts on wider implications of Google circling the wagons?

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