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In order to measure how really powerful you are in the social media realm, Klout has added five new networks. The original networks are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and YouTube. Now, you can link up to your accounts on Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and

Blogger and Tumblr represent two ends of the blogging spectrum. Blogger is the classic free host which is still widely used. Tumblr is the choice of a new generation of bloggers who prefer quicker, more visual posts. Obviously absent are WordPress and LiveJournal.

If you’re a photo fiend, Flickr is king, so I get that, but Instagram? This hot new mobile app  uses a variety of filters to create works of art out of those lunch and puppy photos that people like to share on Twitter. Is this really a service that figures into a person’s online influence?

The one that really perplexes me is, which is a music service. I would have gone with a more general entertainment social network like GetGlue, but no one asked me.

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Before this update, I saw Klout as a business tool. A way of measuring the sphere of social influence people have so I can hone in on influencers for marketing purposes. These new networks, feel more “fun” but I guess they do all figure in to a person’s reach even if all they’re posting is photos.

Right now, my Klout score is 38. Frank and Andy both have me beat with scores of 55 and 65. Maybe if I link out to my four defunct Blogger blogs and the Tumblr and Flickr accounts that I don’t use, I can close the gap.

What kind of Klout do you have?

  • Its good to see Flickr being added. Flickr is being increasingly not only by graphic designers and photographers but also by companies, businesses and blogs. Its inclusion is further testament to its popularity.