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Millennial Media released their 50th Mobile Intelligence Report today which covers Q2 2011 and includes a look back at where we were in 2009.

One of the biggest changes is Apple’s rise to dominate the top of the mobile device charts. In 2009, they were number 3 with 11.35% of the market, but in 2011, they’re number one with 30.76%. Samsung dropped down to number two, but 2009’s second place LG has dropped all the way to 6th place.

Going along with Apple’s supremacy is the rise in touch screens. Currently 60% of devices have them, as compared to only 33% back in 2009. The mobile phone biz has changed so radically that only two phones made the Top 20 list both then and now, the iPhone and the Blackberry Curve. In 2009, it was all about the T-Mobile Sidekick and the Samsung Instinct. My, how times have changed. Of course, compared to the first portable phones, the Sidekick is a true marvel.

Coming back to 2011, we have a closer look at the trends in apps. Travel, including air, mass transit and tourism apps, grew 57% over last quarter as folks started to plan their summer vacations.

In Q2, more advertisers were adding “View Map” options to their apps, retail promotions rose 20% over last quarter and Mobile Social Media (Mocial) grew 5%.

Looking for more detail? You can download the full Millennial Media Q2 2011 SMART report for the cost of your contact info.

  • Where’s the backpack needed to carry that bad boy?

    • Cynthia Boris

      Yeah, but at least you wouldn’t lose it!

  • Wow! look at that huge phone… Apple is popular today since people have lots of apps to choose from which they can use to customize their phone.