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A year ago, most people would have no idea what you were talking about if you asked who retweeted them. My, my how times have changed. Today, retweeting is the equivalent of coins dropping out of a slot machine. Bing, bang, ching — each one represents a boost for your business and depending on who retweeted, your reach can grow to 100 times more than your original message.

Because the care and feeding of RTers is so important, Hubspot is beta testing a simple tool that delivers all the stats you need in one place. It’s called and all you have to do is submit the URL of the webpage or blog post that you Tweeted and the tool does the rest.

What you get back are quick stats which show the number of retweeters, the average number of followers between them and the estimated “reach” of the particular URL.

After that is a timeline that shows the life of the Tweet.

The last portion of the report shows the 20 most influential people who retweeted you including the Tweet they sent, their number of followers and a thank you button. That button is golden, people. Click it and you get a Tweet like this:

Thanks @ChronicleBooks! says you are one of my most influential retweeters.

Yes, it’s promotional for the website, but it’s the easiest way to thank those top Tweeters for their support and get them to RT you again.

Twitter and the third-party dashboards such as HootSuite, do give you access to RT’s in your @Mentions timeline, but gives you more information in a more readable format.  So go give it a try. Type in a recently Tweeted URL and find out who is reTweeting you.