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In true Internet fashion, Facebook has announced its latest f8 conference will happen in San Francisco September 22.

Facebook has used their infrequent f8 conferences to make big announcements with their last one being held in April 2010. As TechCrunch points out

The last f8, which took place in April 2010, was absolutely huge: it featured the launch of Facebook’s Open Graph API and the now-ubiquitous Like button, as well as several of Facebook’s social widgets.

It also saw the launch of Instant Personalization — a bold feature that allowed select third party sites to access some of your Facebook data as soon as you landed on them (the opt-out nature of the feature drew plenty of criticism).

We expect to see similarly major announcements at this event.

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So what did I mean by true Internet fashion? It’s the appearance of having it together while flying by the seat of your pants at the same time. With an event of such magnitude being announced with less than a month before it happens it’s obvious where Facebook’s developer community is centered. Most people need more time to schedule an event for any variety of reasons but when it comes to Facebook yelling “Jump!” everyone is to simply reply “How high?!”

Only a company with Facebook’s pull could do something like this and make it successful and, at $400 a ticket, likely profitable as well.