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I often use references to unicorns to represent the fantasy side of some subject that people like to debate. Apparently I am not alone. HubSpot is using the unicorn theme to point out some of the misconceptions that B2B marketers in particular have regarding the techniques of an inbound marketing program vs. those of traditional marketing efforts. To make their point, HubSpot has produced some videos that make their point and also point out that some unicorns have bad attitudes.

These videos are being used in conjunction with HubSpot’s participation in Salesforce’s Dreamforce event this week in SF. Maybe that is a fantasyland as well since Metallica played the event which is another thing in itself. Here are those videos. What’s your take?

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  • dean

    Fact: People are 72% more likely to share content if its written to look like a children’s Saturday morning cartoon, even if it plays fast and loose with statistics.