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A new Yahoo! study states that there has been a 54% increase in the time spent on the mobile web and a 29% increase in time spent watching video on a mobile device.

Are you tired of hearing it yet? Your customers are going mobile — sort of. The study, called “Mobile Modes: How to Connect with Mobile Consumers,” also found that one third of the total time spent on mobile devices is spent at home. That’s right. Mobile, isn’t always mobile and we often forget that. Mobile is taking the place of the home PC. For many people, it’s become the primary way they connect with the world as you can see in this chart from the report.

What’s interesting here is that typical “mobile” activities such as navigation and shopping are only a very small part of what people do with their devices.

The Yahoo study also shows that more people are consuming written content through their mobile devices. News, entertainment, sports and fashion all rank high in that area.  While they’re consuming information, mobile users are also being exposed to ads.

A test of recall shows that ads run between 6am and 12pm are most effective but if you’re looking for interaction, that happens during breaks and downtime. Bold graphical ads got the best responses and targeted ads worked best when the user was in shopping, informing or entertainment mode.

Want to learn more? Yahoo is offering a free webinar that covers the full study on August 16.


  • This is a GREAT point to remember. There is so much focus on mobile marketing these days but you really need to be aware of your intended audience and where they are spending their time. Great post!

  • A lot of times, esp in countries and cities where mass transit is the way of life, mobile use is the main activity while traveling. The user is on the go but his attention is almost 100% on his mobile and the apps in it.

  • Excellent. And to add a little more, Gen Y is notorious for multi-tasking with smartphones during television watching.

    Here are two infographics you may find interesting. The first on Gen Y behavior and orientation towards brands: . Authenticity and transparency are key.

    …and the second on when and where we are using the mobile web: . Get ready for the NFC boom.

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