Are SMB’s Just Confused About WOM and Social?

Small and medium sized businesses rely heavily on word of mouth and referral advertising. We all know that and the point has been made ad nauseum.

Even with that in mind it seems quite interesting to see the findings of a study conducted by SMB insurance provider Hiscox. Essentially it says that many small businesses don’t find social media important yet half of them say that they couldn’t live without referrals from word of mouth (WOM) sources.

eMarketer shared the Hiscox findings

Note that only 12% say they have to do it while only 24% said they get involved in social media when they have the time. The rest?Well, 64% of the respondents said they either don’t use it for their business, don’t know enough about or don’t give a rip at all!

Laptops, Cell Phones: This Baby Got Tech!

Do you remember your first laptop computer? Your first smartphone? Are you still waiting to experience the joy of the tablet? Most of us have been around long enough to see this massive change in portable technology but there’s a new generation that has never known anything else. They’re the iGeneration and they were born, almost literally, with a mobile phone in their hands.

According to a new survey by BlogHer and Parenting, one in four moms said that they’ve let their two-year-old use their mobile phone. You’ll be comforted to know that the average age to have their own mobile phone is 13, with smartphone scaling slightly older at 15.

Quixey: There’s a Search App for That

When Apple created the slogan, “there’s an app for that,” they weren’t kidding. When you look at all the mobile phone options then add in apps for Twitter and Facebook and browsers like Firefox and Chrome, you’re talking millions of options. The downside of that many options is that it can be hard to find what you’re looking for if you don’t know the name of the app. Enter Quixey, the all app search engine backed by Eric Schmidt’s Innovations Endeavors.

The wonder of Quixey is that it searches based on the way people think. If I want an app to help me with my grocery list, I can type in groceries. Stressed? I can type in “help me relax.” Here’s an example of a search page:

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A Case Where Internet Regulation Might Actually Help

One of the problems facing our march toward a more equitable version of the online world is the simple fact that not everyone has the same means to be online. Of course, another simple fact is that those who are too poor to have access to the Internet are not usually the folks that online marketers would like to target because they don’t have the money to spend on their products. Let’s just say it’s not a good situation overall and leave it at that.

One could argue that if people could get online they might have a better chance of moving up out of the ranks of the impoverished. Of course, there is no guarantee that being online would actually improve someone’s lot in life since there is just as much of a chance that someone would get caught up in the crappy side of the online world thus bringing them (or just keeping them) down. That’s a matter of free will.

Cup of Joe: When To Be A Jerk, and When Not To

Jerk I would say that the hardest part about becoming an entrepreneur is learning how to work with people. It’s hard because everyone is different. Everyone communicates differently. Everyone has different ideas and expectations. Everyone has a different agenda.

This week I learned that sometimes it doesn’t matter how good you are at communication, some people are only interested in themselves. Some people are content with taking advantage of others.

Some people are jerks.

Learning this helped me realize that sometimes I have to be a jerk too.

Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Gandhi was an amazing human being, but you can tell from that quote that he never had a web development client!

Social Connections: It’s Not Who You Know, But Where You Go

Researchers at Cambridge University in Britain are working on a social media friend prediction system that creates more meaningful connections between people online. I guess we can’t all be working on a cure for cancer and there’s probably more fame and fortune in developing a new kind of social media network so. . .

Their theory is that people often bond over a common love of the same location.

Researcher Salvatore Scellato told Reuters;

“We monitored the behavior of people going to places and the connections they made [on Gowalla]. We found that lots of people who go to the same places end up adding each other as friends, accounting for around 30 percent of new social links.”