The Latest Thing in Birth Announcements: Facebook

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Step one: tell the father. Step two: update your Facebook profile. Come to think of it, for some people, it might just be the other way around. . .

Facebook has added a new option to the family drop-down. It’s called Expected: Child and that colon makes me wonder if they’re planning on adding other options. Expected: Dog, Expected: Ex-Husband?

On the surface, it’s a charming addition. A fun and surprising way to tell everyone the good news. But as one SFGate blogger points out, what happens when the employer you didn’t tell sees the change? What if the pregnancy ends badly? Do you really want baby daddy number two to know that you’re about to do it again with baby daddy number three?

Amazon Deals Offered in Groupon’s Backyard

I know, I know. I just asked yesterday whether anyone gave a rip about the deals space. Surprisingly more people than I thought actually did which is good to know.

Today this article from the Wall Street Journal caught my eye not just because of the deals aspect but more from a pure business marketing aspect. Amazon is a monster in the same way that Google is. It has a ton of weight to throw around and it doesn’t mind doing so. It offers local deals in a few markets (Boise, LA and others) just like Groupon does. Amazon invested in Groupon’s biggest competitor. So what better way to pee in Groupon’s corn flakes than to go after their home market of Chicago?

Airbnb Takes Steps to Prevent the Deflation of its Reputation

I had never heard of Airbnb until yesterday. Chances are you’d never heard of the “rent a room in my house” service either.

However, sitting in Chicago’s airport–returning from an extended vacation–I couldn’t help but learn all about Airbnb. At least, the part about the vandalism and theft suffered by one of its members.

Now, it’s unlikely that I would ever have cared about Airbnb–or that one of its members”EJ” had suffered such a horrible event. After all, who in their right mind rents out their house to a complete stranger and expects never to face theft or vandalism? Apparently 60,000+ people do exactly that and, up until this point, have never had any major issues. As far as Airbnb was concerned, it had cornered a small, but growing market that relied on the honesty and decency of those looking for a bed for the night.

Mobile Marketing Mashup

Mobile is hot. We get that. What makes something hot in the Internet marketing space is the amount of information that is flying around about it and if that’s one of the main barometers of success mobile has hit the big time for sure.

Here is some of the latest mobile information that you may find interesting.

Android v iPhone – So What’s the Real Story?

If you want to support the dominance or preeminence or whatever-it-is-inence of your favorite mobile platform there is data out there for you to do just that.

Foursquare Ups the Ante with Followable Fan Pages

Friends. Followers. Fans. These three words have taken on all new meanings since the advent of social media. We like to think that friends are people we actually know, while we follow entities and brands that interest us. On Foursquare, this wasn’t an option, but it will be in the near future.

According to AdAge, Foursquare is working on user pages which will trump profile pages in that they’ll be open to the public. Currently, when a user posts a tip on a venue, only his friends see that tip. If he’s a popular fellow, he may have a large number of friend requests, which, if he accepts them, turns his personal account into an open book for the world to see.

Pivot Study Shows There’s Life Outside of Facebook

When talking about social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter usually rise to the top of the conversation. But believe it or not, those aren’t the only games in town. Pivot Conference released a new study today called “The Rise of the Social Consumer and in it, they show that marketers are starting to move past the popular choices in search of something better.

If you look at the second column, you’ll see a group of 20 – 26% that represents the next move for most social media marketers. These are the social networks they hope to explore in the coming year. Foursquare, LinkedIn and YouTube are all excellent choices with very difference audiences.

Google+: Don’t Fight It

I like to share good videos with our readers. Well, this post is a double whammy for ya. You see, I recently read a book by Donald Miller called “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years” (NOT an affiliate link). I think a lot of you would get a lot of value from it for many reasons.

Well, as any good author does, Miller blogs and he posted this great Google+ video from the people at Epipheo Studios. Enjoy.

And, by the way, do you agree with the conclusion?