Yawn! Deals and Location “Giants” Pair Up

It feels like every time something happens in the deal space, especially something that involves Groupon, it’s important to tell our readers about it. Then when the post goes up there is literally little to no response from our readers and I honestly don’t know why. Maybe today you can help us out here at Marketing Pilgrim to figure this out.

Last week, Groupon and Foursquare joined forces. This in and of itself is not that earth shattering because Foursquare has proven itself to be a deals slut by partnering with LivingSocial, AT&T Interactive and anyone else that comes along with a deal, so to speak.

The difference here is that the godfather of deal sites, Groupon, has let Foursquare kiss its ring and is allowing the location based service provider to associate it with the don of deals.

Is Silicon Valley Pay Really THAT Much Better? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I get that finding out that you may not be making at much at your job as others is not the best way to kick off a Monday morning at work but at least you have a job, right? And for those of you looking there is hope out there but would running off to Silicon Valley to chase a “dream job” be worth the effort?

This infographic created by Focus and shared by SAI gives some insight into the harsh realities of how that Silicon Valley salary matches up to other areas of the country. If for nothing else, take a look at the rent and home price comparison to make you kiss the ground you are working on (at least for today). Note: We put a little extra focus on the marketing money for you to see right away.