Google’s Biggest Gamble [Infographic]

There was some serious debate as to whether this particular infographic would see the light of day here at Marketing Pilgrim.

It’s an interesting study on the power of information as a way to promote your business. You see, the infographic is very compelling and the title “Google’s Biggest Gamble” fits well with Google’s apparent roll of the dice in the purchase of Motorola Mobility for $12.5b.

So what’s the downside? The infographic was created by an online casino. To be very clear, we are not promoting or condoning online gambling. The whole industry and its legality is a political hot potato. What is interesting though, is the power of information to promote whatever it is you have to promote.

So check this out but remember that we appreciate the data but are queasy with the source. What’s your take? Can you “pretty up” an otherwise controversial subject by providing a strong presentation of data that many would find interesting?


Using Gamification in Your Business

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Gamification is the latest buzzword in marketing circles, as more and more companies are hoping to capitalize on the success of online social games.

However, before you run out and start planning your version of Farmville, it’s important to keep in mind that gamification is not just about creating a “game” – it’s about finding ways to interact with your customers and rewarding them for engaging with you. By creating an emotional connection with your customers, you can increase brand loyalty, referrals, and repeat business.

We all liked to play games as kids – from cards and board games to arcades and sports. We did so because it was fun, enabled us to socialize with our friends, and gave us a sense of accomplishment and status. The same is true for adults – hence the success of online games like Zynga’s Farmville and Mafia Wars.

The Majority of All eReader Owners Now Female

The tech industry may be the world’s biggest boy’s club but women are racing to the top on the consumer side. According to new numbers from Nielsen, women are now the majority users of eReaders with 61%, that’s way up from where they were less than a year ago.

See the pretty-colored chart? Women like color and I say that’s one of the main reasons we’ve been slower in adopting new tech. Think back on all of the computers and phones you’ve bought in the past five years. Black, grungy white, silver, black — seriously guys, what’s with the fear of color!

It’s only been in the past few years that manufacturers like HP began offering a variety of skins for their tech and thank heavens for those colorful Kindle protectors. Mine is lime green. But I digress.

Missouri Teachers Can Be Facebook Friends Again. . . For Now

Earlier this month, the State of Missouri passed a law making it illegal for a teacher to be friends with a student on Facebook or any social media site. They did this because they felt that social media could lead to inappropriate contact and many people agreed.

The Missouri State Teachers Association did not agree. They fought and won a temporary stay, saying the law is unconstitutional because it denies free speech. The judge who overturned the ruling  gave the teacher’s union 180 days to test out the concept, at which time, presumably, a final decision will be made.

Groupon Traffic Wanes While IPO Quiet Period Gets Pretty Loud

Groupon appears to be up to some tricks. This should surprise no one since the company is far from conventional and does things their own way in most instances.

In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with doing things your own way unless that way actually pushes what is legal to, or past, the limits. It’s not so much about the pushing of legal limits, since people and companies do that all the time. Rather, in the case of Groupon, it’s the shady culture that appears to be emerging and this latest flouting of convention really pushes the envelope in my opinion.

Here’s the Deal: Facebook Scraps Deals

Facebook has been busy lately with sweeping privacy and sharing changes which are in response to the ripple that Google+ has sent through the tech writer technologist Scoble following social media world with it’s initial “success”.

Now the social media leader has decided to scrap its Deals offering. This comes on the heels of their Places feature getting the boot as well. It looks like Facebook has decided to go back to its roots and try to help people communicate better with friends, family etc.

Reuters reported last Friday

“After testing Deals for four months, we’ve decided to end our Deals product in the coming weeks,” the company said on Friday in a statement emailed to Reuters.

SEO: There Is No Secret Ingredient

When Google announced their latest algorithm update codename “Panda” the jokes came out of the woodwork to tease the name. But the reality was that this update impacted the SERPs big time. A lot of major sites suffered traffic loss due to their rankings falling. When that happened a lot of SEOs were scrambling to figure out what happened and what they could do as a “work around” to get their respect pride rankings back. What amazed me as I watched all this unfold were the number of SEOs asking on Twitter if anyone had found a solution to the Panda update. The reality is, the solution was right in front of them, they just didn’t see it.

A Lesson in Kung Fu