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When talking about social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter usually rise to the top of the conversation. But believe it or not, those aren’t the only games in town. Pivot Conference released a new study today called “The Rise of the Social Consumer and in it, they show that marketers are starting to move past the popular choices in search of something better.

If you look at the second column, you’ll see a group of 20 – 26% that represents the next move for most social media marketers. These are the social networks they hope to explore in the coming year. Foursquare, LinkedIn and YouTube are all excellent choices with very difference audiences.

Foursquare is the best choice for those promoting a brick and mortar establishment, especially an eatery or entertainment venue. LinkedIn is perfect for anyone in the B2B biz and YouTube is a nice catchall that includes younger consumers, techy consumers and anyone who enjoys a good laugh!

What’s really interesting is Zynga, with 13% of the vote. This is in-game advertising, a segment that is very hot, but not on the radar for most small business marketers. I haven’t looked into the numbers, but my gut feeling is that it would be expensive and more complex than putting up an ad on Facebook. If I’m way off base with this, please do let me know in the comment section.

In spite of the fact that social media marketing feels like old news, almost all of the people surveyed said they thought it was still gaining momentum. More than half said they were shifting money away from other forms of marketing and they thought they were getting better at using social media. What’s truly amazing is that 23% strongly agreed with the statement that social advertising can deliver a greater ROI than other forms of advertising. Actually, I believe we believe it, we simply struggle with a way to prove it.

I’ll leave you with this final chart, which I found extremely interesting. Pivot asked marketers what their objective was for social advertising and the answers are all over the board.

What I get from this, is that marketers don’t know what to expect from social media, so they’re throwing it all out there and waiting to see what sticks.

Pivot Conference: The Rise of the Social Consumer is loaded with lots of interesting charts and stats and you can download it for nothing more than the cost of your contact info. So go forth and learn.

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