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As you travel around the internet on your daily quest for knowledge, you’ll see a lot of ads and the majority of them will come from the retail industry.

According to numbers from eMarketer, retail will spend an additional $1.3 billion on online ads this year bringing them up to an estimated $6.78 billion. The trend is expected to continue with retail claiming the top spot through with $11.08 billion by 2015.

The up and comer is the consumer packaged good industry, though they currently sit in 5th place for online ad share. In the next few years, eMarketer predicts a rise of 14% to 29% per year. That, combined with a slow down by telecom advertising means CPG will move up a notch by 2015.

The surprise for me on this chart is the fact that Entertainment and Media are near the bottom for ad spend. Both of these are hot topics for internet users so it’s strange to see them being beat out by Healthcare and Travel. I don’t have the data to prove it, but I imagine that the Entertainment industry is still sinking a large amount of money into TV advertising so that’s probably eating into their online budget.

Overall, these numbers reflect a healthy flow of cash into advertising which should result in a healthy flow of cash back to the advertisers themselves. That’s good news all around.