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Haven, Maine may look like a typical, small New England town but strange things happen here — on a regular basis. People turn to stone. Shadows run off on their own and a giant, killer ball rolling down the street is perfectly normal. In Haven, they call it The Troubles. In TV circles, they call it a hit.

This Friday, the folks behind the Syfy series will launch an unprecedented social media effort, a storyline that flows back and forth between the series and Twitter.

Executive Producer Lloyd Segan says,

“Although Twitter has been featured in TV shows before, this is the first time a storyline from a television series has been fully integrated with the popular online service. The story has been created in such a way that viewers who don’t follow the Twitter plot can still enjoy the show. For those that do, there will be a special meaning to events in Haven during these seven episodes.”

To keep up with the story, viewers will be prompted to follow three Twitter accounts. @VinceHaven and @DaveHaven represent the quirky brother duo who run the newspaper in town. They’re a little older than your average Twitter user so this will be new ground for both of them. The third component is the mysterious @ColdInHaven who will interact with the brothers, leaving clues about Haven and its residents.

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If that’s too much for you to keep track of, you can use the hashtag #HavenNews to have it all filtered for you.

Syfy says they’ll be monitoring the event closely, measuring the viewer engagement. Afterward, they plan to publish the results in an online case study.

Syfy is no stranger to social media. They recently ran a promotion with iPhone app Shazam and their new series Alphas and they regularly offer virtual stickers to viewers on GetGlue. But running a Twitter storyline requires a whole different level of real-time activity and it will be interesting to see if viewers hang on past the first two weeks. I’d say if anyone can make the connection, Syfy can.