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Yesterday, HubSpot announced their acquisition of social media marketing company oneforty. A big move for the SaaS inbound marketing provider indeed. What they did to announce it was pretty interesting as well.

In a blog post simply titled #Hub140 – @HubSpot Acquires Social Media Marketing Company @oneforty – which is simply a pre-packaged tweet they went on to provide the story in 11 separate 140 character or less bites that had a “Tweet This” link at the end of each. In essence you could get the word out about any number of points of the acquisition quickly and easily while being able to pick and choose which point you wanted to highlight. Here’s a sample

Today @HubSpot acquired @oneforty, a social media marketing company based in Cambridge, MA. #Hub140 – Tweet This

Like @HubSpot, @oneforty recognizes the importance of social media in the transformation of marketing. #Hub140 Tweet This

.@oneforty created a directory of social media applications and the social media marketing tool SocialBase. #Hub140 Tweet This

The @oneforty directory will merge into the @HubSpot App Marketplace, the largest app store for marketing. #Hub140 Tweet This

Features from the @oneforty product SocialBase will be incorporated into the @HubSpot product. #Hub140 Tweet This

You may have seen this technique used elsewhere but I have not to this point. What’s your take on this way of announcing whatever news you may have about your business? I like it if for no other reason that it got my attention and held it. It also helped me look at individual points about the news that I may have glossed over had it been in paragraph form.

What about you?

  • I think it’s a very clever combination of online PR and social media. People Tweet links to their press releases all the time, so what not actually Tweet the press release itself? It keeps the information relevant and and alive in someone’s Twitter feed, making it harder to miss.

  • I tweeted one of them just for the novelty value! 🙂

  • thanks very much for the mention Frank. it’s incredibly exciting to join such an innovative marketing team within a company that is working to change marketing itself.

  • I always tell my artist/clients that the speed of the internet is 140 characters per minute! Normally, it’s because I want them to stop being so wordy, and get straight to the point. Like all strategies, though, this particular method may not work for all, but I will pass this on for sure.

    I do agree with Nick, “It keeps the information relevant and alive in someone’s Twitter feed, making it harder to miss.”

  • Seems intresting. Nice combination of PR and social media!

  • Interesting concept. Very relevant to our time where social media is getting lots of attention.