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Think of all the things that are advertised as being done in just an hour a day. In the Internet marketing space there are books about just about any subject like SEO, social media, you name it, that can be done in an hour a day.

Well, Nielsen has given us a look into the life of the Android device user and found that even the mobile habit is handled in an hour a day. The first reported finding shows that of that hour (it’s actually 56 minutes but we round up for link friendly reasons 🙂 ), 67% of that hour is spent with apps while the rest of the time is spent on the web. What constitutes web time is a question that would help us understand this a bit better but we’ll save that for later.

What is even more interesting is that even with the Android market’s claims of hundreds of thousands of apps people don’t seem to care as much about variety as you might think.

The top 50 apps account for 61 percent of all time spent. With 250,000+ Android apps available at the time of this writing, that means the remaining 249,950+ apps have to compete for the remaining 39 percent of the pie.

So what conclusions can we draw here? First, getting the attention of an app user for your Android app on a large scale is a tough row to hoe. With only 40% of the remaining time that is allowed for apps use, that’s a much smaller pie for that remaining 99.98% to fight over and, let’s face it, what the next 50 most popular ones are likely to chew up the bulk of that time.

One has to wonder how this plays out with iPhone apps. Do these same percentages apply?

In the end though, as marketers it’s probably more important to make sure your core audience is going to download and use your app, even if that number is relatively small. Hitting it big with big numbers of users is likely the equivalent of having a ton of followers on Twitter. Unless they use your app and are engaged the numbers are useless.

Do these findings surprise you? What does this tell you about Android users, if anything at all?

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