Posted August 11, 2011 3:14 pm by with 2 comments

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Check Twitter later today and you should find another new upgrade designed to keep you from using those third-party encroachers.

First, they’re adding more data to the @YOURNAME tab so you can easily see who is reTweeting you along with messages directed at you. It also lists Tweets that were favorited but does anyone really use that function? I’m a big Twitter user and don’t think I’ve ever favorited a Tweet. This tab will also drop you a note if someone follows or lists you.

Next, they’re adding a whole new tab called Activity. Activity should mean everything that happens in your account but it doesn’t. This new tab will show you what the people you follow are up to including their favorites, new follows and reTweets.  Here’s the example from the Twitter blog:

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The question is, will this activity tab be available to the public or only the user when he’s logged in? Mining the data streams of your followers is already a great way of finding potential customers. Will the activity stream be of any use to marketers or is it just another wave of data in an already overwhelming ocean of information?

My guess? Give it a month and someone will figure out how capitalize on the information.

  • One of my favorite things about twitter is how light it is. I can feel it bogging down already.

  • I just noticed this, and that they completely changed the @ function. It’s pretty much a mess right now. In my opinion, it is really confusing that they’re all mixed together like that.