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The more I use any of Google’s voice products the more I am getting addicted. From free phone calls to all things voice activated on my Android device it makes life easier and, depending upon your situation, even a little safer. Oh it’s pretty darn reliable as long as you talk to it like you are talking to someone who doesn’t understand English (which is slowly and clearly, not loudly).

At first, I figured this was just perfect for the mobile environment but there have been times where sitting at my laptop or a desktop (only if something has gone horribly wrong does that happen anymore) that I want some map info and I have encountered some spelling concerns or just plain old fashioned laziness.

Well, Google has solved these little issues for me by now offering voice search at with the only real gotchas being that it is only available through Google’s Chrome browser and in English language only. Oh well. It’s their stuff so they can do as they wish, right? Here is a video from the Lat Long blog that explains Google voice search ingeneral. I guess they figured doing one specifically for map s wasn’t worth the effort?

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