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I have a digital movie camera, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where it is. It’s not that I’ve stopped taking movies, I just use my phone to do it.

A TNS survey says that 46% of all mobile phone owners use the video camera app and 62% use the still camera. That’s up a smidgen over last year, but growth is growth.

eMarketer reports that online photo sharing service Photobucket is bursting at the seams with 45% of members saying they upload at least one video a week and 17% uploading one video per day. 9% of their members said they upload multiple videos a day. That’s pretty amazing when you realize that as recently as 2001, we were using cassette tapes to record our home movies.

Now that its video cameras are a common mobile phone feature, social media is taking encouraging the act by adding easy upload buttons that let you go from phone to friends in seconds. Marketers can take advantage of this by sponsoring video upload contests for fun or prizes. Ask your Facebook fans to create a video that shows off your product and you’ll be surprised by the results. Along with the quickie uploads, you’ll also get fully-edited, creative pieces that may rival anything you’d get from a pricy PR firm.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million, especially if it’s newsworthy or exactly the opposite. Often it’s the dumbest ideas that gain the most ground. The six second clip called “Dramatic Chipmunk” currently shows 31,472,619 views on YouTube. Over at Photobucket, recent uploads include a child shopping for groceries, a shaky video of a student trying to make time with a girl while walking to class and a sideways video that is 90% thumb. No one ever said you had to upload good, or even watchable videos. If we started screening for that, YouTube would become a ghost town.

Have you ever used home video in your marketing campaigns? We’d like to hear about it.