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Apps and Video Rise to the Top of Mobile Marketing Mix

Earlier this week, Frank took you through the MillennialMedia S.M.A.R.T report for Q2. Now I’m here with a closer look at the month of July, specifically the Post-Click Campaign Action Mix.

“Watch Video” showed the biggest growth with a 69% jump month-over-month. This is likely due to the heavy push from movie studios promoting their summer blockbusters and it made it one of the top three actions along with “Enroll /Join/Subscribe”.

Also tying for the top spot was “Application Downloads” which grew 12% month-over-month.

Coming right behind the leaders is “Mocial,” with growth of 34% month-over-month. It’s fun to note that “Place Call” dropped from 42% in May to only 21% in July. In the next ten years, I imagine we’ll have to drop the word “phone” all together and simply go with mobile device.

Finally, MillennialMedia reports 55% growth in “Increased Foot Traffic” as a campaign goal. This points to an increase in mobile advertising for local, brick and mortar businesses. “Sustained In-Market Presence” was still the number one goal with “Lead Generation” a close second.

Have you added mobile to your marketing mix? The time is now, my friends. The time is now.

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    Any successful online business is always fraught with new techs. If you have an mobile application – this is just a plus.