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Are Online Reviews Killing Your Business? [Infographic]

Regardless of the size of your business online reviews can make or break you. It’s a difficult game to monitor and mange but one that can’t be ignored unless, of course, that you like being blind sided by reviews that you weren’t aware of. If that’s the case you may want to look for another line of work! Just sayin’ …….

The following infographic comes from 540|SEO and gives a good look at just why business owners should be more aware than ever regarding their reputation in the online space. To the right is a preview but please click through to see the entire infographic.

[540SEO::SEO experts and local search optimization specialists]
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Voltier Creative

  • CommuniTech Marketing

    Yes, a negative review can really hurt a business. But these types of sites can definitely have value for businesses. The key is to outnumber any negative reviews with positive REAL reviews from customers. And if you can’t do that, it’s time to start rethinking how you do business.

  • Seonpoint

    Great infographic !