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Let me first start off by apologizing for what looks like a ridiculous indie art project. I mean seriously what the heck does a girl wandering in the woods have to do with this quote? Anyways do your best to ignore the picture and focus on the wise words of Mr. Mark Twain.

Twain’s words are spot on. Of course avoiding people that belittle your ambitions seems to be common sense. However, understanding that your success is tied to those that support you is oftentimes completely ignored. Because the truth is there are no self made men or women. Everyone finds success and even failure with the help of their communities. Great people do great things with the support of others. You are only as good as the people supporting you. Therefore it’s only logical to help empower your community as much as possible.

This philosophy is not some feel-good personal dogma but rather the cornerstone of running a good business. If you work every day to empower your clients, customers, and users you are automatically building the base of support that is required for your business to succeed. Your investment in your customer’s empowerment has a direct effect on yours.

This is why it is vital to not only focus on cutting-edge marketing, but also superior customer service, and outstanding product development. Because at the end of the day if your customers and users aren’t empowered by your products and services, then they can’t be much help to your cause even if they want to be. The key to building a strong army of supporters is empowering individuals every day. Through this empowerment you empower yourself and your company.

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  • Great post, Joe! I love it where you wrote, “Your investment in your customer’s empowerment has a direct effect on yours.” So true and that’s the fuel that keeps the fire burning. Thank you for sharing!

  • Very good article joe, nice piece of information. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is very interesting and read worthy. That’s the reason the readers are increasing incredibly. Keep it up

  • Hi Joe,

    What you put out comes back…good words. I happen to like your girl in the woods. I suppose that she could have an army of people following her off camera, perhaps? lol… Thanks for the reminder. Have you read John Jantsch’s book, The Referral Engine? He talks a lot about this stuff too. It’s really good. Have a great week!

  • I believe every business owners, regardless of industry, should be required to take a customer service course. No one wants to work with a mean/aggravating/late/complicated/etc. company or business owner! Great customer service feeds directly into the overall customer experience.

  • It’s simple…. under-promise, over-deliver and always look for ways to help folks out. If you go above and beyond what “customer service requires” of you — you’ll have loyal customers who will be your unpaid sales force!

    This another way of empowering customers — by reaffirming that they made the right decision in trusting you with their hard earned dollars.