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There’s a new rumble in the jungle. Hear it? That’s the excitement building over a big change in Facebook. Rumor is that the social media giant will be announcing their plan at the f8 Developer Conference on Thursday, but All Things Digital has the scoop now.

It’s called “Read. Watch. Listen.” and it could be the biggest shift we’ve seen in Facebook in a long time.

The concept is all about content — video, music, books and movies. The New York Times says that Facebook’s new platform and partnership deals will allow users to share their favorite songs, TV shows and movies right from their profile pages.

On the listen end, Spotify and Rhapsody are both rumored to be on board. One is a freemium service and one is paid and that’s a tricky problem for Facebook. The idea is to encourage sharing, but what if I want to share the songs on my paid service to a friend who doesn’t want to pay?

As for the read, it’s sounding like The Wall Street Journal is jumping in on that but I’ve yet to see any speculation on who is handling the “watch” part of the equation.

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TechCrunch is reporting a new list of buttons to go along with the changes. Instead of just liking something, you’ll be able to label content as “Read,” “Watched” or “Listened.” This reminds me of, where you can label the books in your collection by whether you’ve read or are currently reading them. It’s also shades of GetGlue, with “watched” being the option you choose after your check-in.

I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but if this goes the way the reporters are reporting, I could end up spending more time on the site. I am a fan of all kinds of entertainment and if I can get new book recommendations and follow TV show discussions in my newsfeed, I’m there.

What’s funny, is that this is a move that would take them deeper into the branded space and further away from the personal chit-chat that the site was originally designed to handle. You can tell me that presenting the latest CD from my favorite band is just part of the service, but we all know it’s an effective way to get me to buy said CD.

I’m excited and that’s not something I say often, when it comes to Facebook. How about you?

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