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Yesterday, we looked at some of the information that was given the latest Nielsen study looking at some of our social media habits as denizens of the web.

The chart below which was featured as SAI’s Chart of the Day yesterday really gives some perspective as to just how dominant Facebook is in obtaining and keeping an audience. Now how well that translates into advertising etc remains to be seen with some saying that even the mighty Facebook may have missed their revenue projections by a fair margin. Revenue or not the one thing they are collecting are the online minutes by the bushel full. In fact, the chart shows that the next four brands combined don’t even add up to Facebook’s share of online time.

While this is interesting information I know it doesn’t represent me personally in the proportion of time I spend in various places on the net. What about you? Are you spending this much time on Facebook in relation to the other destinations online? Is asking our readers even close to being indicative of larger trends anyway since our readers are not representative of the masses as it relates to the online world? Are you still reading at this point? If so, nod and say “Yes, Frank, I made it!”.


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  • Interesting that Twitter didn’t make the list. and I’m sure the Apple number would be higher if you included the number of Macs/iphones/iPads out there, as well as the Mac sites….. When I use Facebook, I use it from a Mac. Shouldn’t the time calculation be split?

  • Surprised youtube was so far down on this list, their time on site numbers are always strong…

  • This is really informative Frank. I do referral marketing and I’ve been using Facebook to spread the word about the shop.