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Monitoring social media is an important aspect of any marketing / PR / sales efforts in the Internet age. Folks have gotten used to ways of online listening that provide information about Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more. The missing ingredient has been the new kid on the block, Google+.

That is until today. Google has announced the release of its first API for Google+. The Google+ blog reports

The Google+ project brings the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. The Google+ platform brings that nuance and richness to all of the web. We started with Google’s own products, added the +1 button for site owners and content publishers, and introduced games from a handful of partners. That’s just the beginning though — we want every one of you who builds applications to be able to include rich sharing, identity, and conversations in your app. Today, we’re taking the next step on that journey by launching the first of the Google+ APIs.

Let’s Go Public

Google+ gives users full control over their information, supporting everything from intimate conversations with family to public showcases and debates. This initial API release is focused on public data only — it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+.

Google knows that having the platform is one thing but being able to truly maximize its potential requires access to this public data. This also indicates that Google feels comfortable that enough volume of data is coming through Google+ to make an API useful.

So what do you think the data set for the Google+ API looks like? I suspect 95 out of 100 results are generated by Robert Scoble. I’m just sayin’…….

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  • It would be cool if they included a keyword search API, similar to the ones offered by Facebook and Twitter. A big hole IMO.

  • very good, congratulations on text! already in my favorites!

  • very good, congratulations on text! already in my favorites!

  • I’m looking to integrate the Google+ API with an app in doing referral marketing. I’m with Don as I also want to see the capabilities of doing SEO with the API.