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Changing how you segment your leads using marketing automation could make a great impact on the success of your campaigns. There’s no reason to limit yourself to information from form fields, when the best information you have is about the behavior of your leads and the actions that they’ve taken. Specifically, segmentation gives you the opportunity to target more closely and effectively, and send them unique messages. Here are five creative ways to segment your leads:

  1. Social Behavior – Some people prefer to interact with a company socially, through your Twitter presence, Facebook, and more. Consider creating a campaign that targets those people with the goal of having them revisit your website.
  2. Geography – Have geographic information on your leads, either from form submissions or from IP information? Create a new campaign that comes from a local rep in your leads’ area. Try creating a campaign that announces the physical events where your company will be present. That could open up great in-person selling opportunities, and shows a local interest as well.
  3. Website Interactions – Divide your leads by how they interact with your website. Target your avid blog visitors with further blog content. Perhaps focus on people who actively visit your product pages, yet haven’t been in contact with a rep yet. Offer those folks a complimentary demo. Tag and review your content by the types of content you offer, such as ebooks, whitepapers, and webinars, and then suggest similar content to people who repeatedly go for certain offers.
  4. Cross-channel – No reason to limit your marketing automation segments by a single channel. Create a segment that can bridge multiple channels, like Twitter and your blog. You could create a campaign that targets those who visit your blog and promote your blog content via Twitter. For example, send them an email thanking them for participating on your blog and offering them a piece of content or coupon, depending on your type of business.
  5. Time of Year/Social Relevance – Have a bunch of leads that you generated during the holidays? Send them a targeted follow up relevant to the season. Another segment could be leads generated toward the end of budget planning season. If you’re an e-Commerce or retail group, warm them up and begin your holiday mailings early for people who indicated interest early in the season in the past to encourage repeat buyers. Offer those folks a special discount!

What other creative ways could you segment your leads? What has worked well for you in the past?

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Rebecca Corliss is an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, a company that makes inbound marketing and marketing automation software. Follow her on Twitter as @repcor.

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  • Great ideas – thanks for posting. If I may, though, I’d like to add one more: Use the information in your automation system to segment leads. Marketing Automation develops a profile and a series of digital footprints (visitor activities). Use the information from these to develop deeper insight into the ways your website is working (or not working). For example, you can see which page causes people to leave the site, and which ones they read more closely. Then you can develop more of this kind of content, and you can target people (as you suggested), based on the content they prefer. The insight developed by examining the behavior and profile information can be significant. If you’d like to learn more about this method of developing insight, here’s a link to a white paper which describes it. It’s called, “Developing Priceless Insight for Free” and can be found at