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Google Analytics has been one of those helpful “freebies” that Google hands out to everyone for free because they can (and because they love the fact that websites the world over are dependent on them to analyze their success or failure). The last few days have been really busy with announcements from Google regarding the continued upgrading of the service from its presentation, a real time update and a fee based premium offering.

First, be ready for a new look which is coming next week. According to the Google Analytics blog

The biggest change you’ll notice is that we have simplified the primary navigation into three tabs – Home, Standard Reporting, and Custom Reporting – to give you quicker access to the information that matters. We also incorporated the second layer of navigation that appeared in “My Site” throughout the Home and Standard Reporting tabs.

Home: The Home tab holds all reports and features that allow you to quickly understand what is happening on your site. You’ll find your custom dashboards here as well as your automatic and custom alerts from Google Analytics Intelligence.

Standard Reporting: All the built-in reports to understand your audience, advertising impact, traffic sources, conversions, content, and more are now displayed in one central place.

Custom Reporting: Google Analytics lets you build your own reports to get exactly the data you need. With the new tab, we’re making Custom Reports a more important part of the interface. You’ll be able to access any reports you’ve created here and build new ones.

Next comes Real Time analytics. This is pretty cool. From the Analytics blog again here’s an example of how new real time analytics can help measure the impact of a social media campaign.

………. last week we posted about the latest episode of Web Analytics TV and also tweeted about the post. By campaign tagging the links we shared, we could see how much traffic each channel is driving to the blog as it happened. We could also see when we stopped receiving visits from the tweet, which helps know when to reengage.

Another suggestion coming from Google is to use the real time capabilities to quickly test whether you have your tracking implemented correctly before it goes live in a campaign. As this service evolves expect there to be many more applications of real time data.

And last but not least comes the announcement of Google Analytics Premium. This is for big sites with very specific needs that go well beyond the average website. According to Search Engine Land pricing for this annual service will be based on region with US pricing being set at $150,000 annually. You can read more at the, you guessed it, Google Analytics blog but here is a video to further explain if you are done reading for now.

I wonder if the government thinks these kinds of updates encroach on someone else’s ability to do business? I bet some representative is drafting a letter as you read this. What do you think?