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Bring me your tired, your huddled masses, your social media early adopters looking to get away from Facebook. Maybe that’s the tag line Google should have used when it became the refuge for those tired of being a part of the Facebook nation.

In its invitation only period the service was able to attract around 25-30 million users. Last week with its new “you don’t have to be some tech connected person to use us” approach, Google+ saw its number shot up to about 40 million users after just one day! The chart below from Experian’s Hitwise shows the dramatic rise in market share (although admittedly this chart was made this way to look dramatic but hey its numbers and they bend to the presenter’s whims every time).

Now, so that we don’t get all crazy and see this as the downfall of the Facebook Empire (imagine Mark Zuckerberg with a fiddle as Facebook burns, it’s fun), it’s important to remember one thing. The total Google+ account base (around 40 million) is just 5% of the size of the reported Facebook account base (800 million). Not bad after just a few months but Google+ has a long way to go before they can be declared a real threat to Facebook’s dominance in the social world.

Having said all of that though any time you can say that you have seen a 1,269% increase in traffic in a week like Google+ has you can celebrate a bit.

So do you think Google+ is really going to challenge Facebook’s social media dominance ….. ever?

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  • I imagine that Google is having a celebratory party right now. That kind of traffic increase is unbelievably impressive. It still remains to be seen how many of those new users will stick around and become active users, but for the time being I think Google is happy.

  • It was desperately needed if Google ever wanted to tap into Facebook’s market. Now all they need to do is cater for non techs/geeks and launch their business pages. They may stand a chance of progressing then otherwise it will be yet another Google fail in no time at all.