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Google has made a change in how they categorize internal and external links in Google Webmaster Tools. A post on the Webmaster Central blog goes into detail (while generating a few more questions along the way.
Here’s the gist.

  1. WWW and non-www sites are treated as the same site
  2. Sub-domains are now treated as internal links

This chart shows how these changes will look.

Google assures webmasters that this will not impact the total number of links that the webmaster will see but it will reclassify many links from internal to external and vice versa.

We live in a data driven world and the more accurate the data the more accurate our work (in theory).

How do you see this impacting the SERP’s? Google has given no indication as of yet but nothing is done in a vacuum with Google these days.

  • Thanks for interesting info!

  • If you have a series of subdomains under you account, and now these are internal links, will that effect your overall strength of your main domain?

  • I’m wondering if this will actually end up giving more juice to blogspot and other web 2.0 sites as it may push and spread the PR from the main domain.. What are your thoughts?

    • @SEO Dayton – The last thing Google needs is more evidence that they are promoting their products and services over the rest of the planet’s. Everyone will get in a tizzy as the the one company who has enabled much of the Internet economy looks to simply take advantage of the good job they have done to this point.

      I know I sound like a Google apologist but it’s not as if there aren’t other options out there for people to try.

  • that wasn’t really my point – my point was that subdomains on other popular blog platforms could affect the serps of the user’s blogs in a positive or negative manner..

  • I think these changes has an impact on Google SERP because I noticed for the past month after the Google Panda update we have a good standing on Google but today when we checked our SERP we dramatically decreased and I almost panic with the result. Most of our priority keywords drops but the keywords we didn’t even optimized ranks. It’s insane and how can Google explain it?