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E-mail is one of those Internet marketing elements that creates a lot of conversation. That conversation not only takes place with customers who receive e-mails but also amongst marketers who wonder as to the viability of e-mail for the future.

E-mail marketing provider AWeber asked one of the most important groups with regard to the future of e-mail: teenagers. Most immediately assume (remember to never assume because of the potential consequences) that teens have no interest or even understanding of e-mail. On some levels that may be true but from the findings it looks like they are not ready to dismiss it both now or for the future.

Here is a preview of the infographic outlining their findings. Click through to see the rest.

Here is the full infographic. Visit AWeber’s blog for more information.

Voltier Creative

  • Email died a few years ago when Google Wave came out… oh wait… that didn’t happen…. I got a feeling you will see traditional mail end before you see email go away. While others may use other mediums to communicate down the road, email will still have its place for a long long time.

  • No, email will never die. The first and the most important thing you need when you learn to use internet is creating your own email address. They are needed everywhere for sign ups to forums, websites etc. To send important messages along with attachments to friends. You get recent updates through emails and even internet marketer look to capture one’s email ID for future contact. So, they are not going to die anytime soon.

  • Email marketing has been going downhill for awhile now. I always remind older IM that the younger generation hardly checks all their emails anymore. We only really keep an email address so we can verify our email whenever a cool website requires it.

    Google Ads/Facebook Ads and any other text/picture advertisements will soon become obsolete as well. I grew up on the internet, I hardly pay attention to any sort of advertisement anymore. My brain scans right past it.