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Without getting all prognosticate-y about what this offering means to the general happiness of the human race, we will tell you that Google Wallet has arrived as rumored. Google’s official announcement comes on the heels of several days of rumors that served to do nothing other than keep some people writing. Now that it’s here you can learn about it for real and see just what it does and doesn’t do in the first iteration.

From the Google blog

We’ve been testing it extensively, and today we’re releasing the first version of the app to Sprint. That means we’re beginning to roll out Google Wallet to all Sprint Nexus S 4G phones through an over-the-air update—just look for the “Wallet” app. Here’s a demo of Google Wallet in action:

Now the video

Now some fun with Google Wallet’s first customer. They sure don’t make’em like they used to.

Google Wallet is here and cows are rejoicing (think about it).

  • Thank you for this excellent theme. That’s called innovation.