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The mobile Internet continues to grow which means that marketers are going to have more and more to keep pace with on a daily basis. It’s not as if there wasn’t enough already for marketers to pay attention to, learn and apply but if you are not used to this pace by now you never will be.

Millennial Media has published their 2nd quarter S.M.A.R.T. report which is made more interesting by the fact that this is their 50th edition which implies some chance for depth regarding this evolving space.

Now keep in mind, Millennial is a mobile advertising platform. Their customers are the basis of these results. Just keep this all in mind. First they look at mobile by region.

No surprise that Asia leads the way. They have been ahead of the rest of the world with mobile device use for quite some time.
The next bit of data from the report shows just how people are using smartphones both on the go and around the house.

I find that I use my Android device around the house more and more because it’s convenient. Notice I didn’t say easier. Sometimes my frustration with not being able to easily do something on the small screen makes me go to the laptop but, for the most part, that phone is on my person and being used.

Lastly, and for marketers most important, is a look at what people do after they click on a mobile ad.

Compare these numbers to what happened just 2 short years ago and one can see the evolution of the space.

But is it evolving quick enough? While getting someone to click on an ad is a victory of sorts it’s simply the first step toward what everyone is looking for; the conversion. When the clickthrough doesn’t result in a sale of some sort marketers then go into the branding, exposure, “there really is value there, honest!” defense which is fun to watch. The end game is sales and anything else is seen as a hollow victory.

So where are you with mobile as a marketer? What are the most important areas you are discovering as places for success and those with difficulties? How much time, effort and your resources are you putting toward this growing space?