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Not Your Same Old Blogger: New Designs to Take On Increasing Competition

The Blogger platform for blogs is still one of the most widely used platforms on the web but it certainly is not one that gets a lot of press for innovation.

Google is trying to change that by offering new Dynamic Views which make presentation of blog materials a lot more modern and is Blogger’s attempt at staying competitive in the blog platform space. Hey with Tumblr just closing an $85 million dollar round of investment this is not a space to be sitting idle. Well, on the Internet, is there any space where you can do that?

Take a look at Google video presentation of these new Dynamic Views. This comes from the Blogger Buzz blog which is using one of the new designs as is the Lat Long blog.

So what are your views regarding Blogger as a hip and fresh blogging platform? Are you buying it or are you looking for other options?